Transfer Policy


The provisions of this student transfer tuition policy shall apply to all issues involving legal settlement and transfer of students except for situations wherein· the student transfer is caused by or a direct result of the Title 1 (No Child Left Behind) public school choice requirements.

The following criteria will be used for accepting transfer students.  A transfer student)s one whose legal settlement is not within the boundaries of the MSD of Shakamak.

  1. A student requesting transfer shall complete the Application for Transfer of NonĀ­ Resident Student and submit it to the MSD of Shakamak Superintendent’s office. Transfers will be considered at all times.
    1. A student requesting a continuation of their transfer, after attending MSD of Shakamak the prior year, shall submit a shortened application to the Superintendent’s office prior to July 1.  The Superintendent can approve continuation without board approval for these students.
  2. A student requesting transfer to either the middle school or the high school shall write a one page letter indicating why they want to transfer.  Parents of an elementary school age child shall write a one page letter indicating why they are requesting the transfer.
  3. The transfer request and letter will be reviewed by the administrative team.
  4. Following the review of the written documentation an interview may be scheduled with the student and the parent.
  5. Once the interview has been conducted a recommendation will be developed by the administrative team as to whether or not to accept the transfer student. The following criteria will be used in analyzing the transfer request:
    1. The student/parent must be able to provide own transportation to and from the school.
    2. the student must be able to arrive on time and be picked up immediately following school dismissal or immediately following the conclusion of the school sponsored activity in which the student participates.
    3. The student may not have missed more than six (6) days of school the previous semester from his/her sending school.
    4. The student must not have been tardy anymore than five (5) times to school the previous semester from his/her sending school.
    5. An official and complete copy of the student’s discipline records must be submitted prior to consideration.  A student may be accepted who has not had a major disciplinary infraction (i.e., fighting, alcohol, illegal controlled substances, truancy, etc.) as determined by the receiving school.
    6. Classroom enrollment will be a consideration as to whether or not the student will be admitted.
    7. A student may be accepted if his/her needs can be accommodated with current staffing and program offerings and whose enrollment does not adversely affect the programming for resident students.
    8. The student/parents shall participate in an interview by the Principal or designee of the receiving school prior to the consideration of the transfer.
    9. Under no circumstances may a transfer student be accepted for athletic reasons.
    10. The student/parents may be given preference if other siblings are enrolled.
  6. The administrative team will forward their recommendation to the Superintendent.
  7. The Superintendent will make a recommendation to the Board of Education.
  8. The application may be rejected by the administrative team, the Superintendent, or The Board of Education.  If this occurs the applicant will be notified.
  9. Once the Board of Education makes the final determination the parents/legal guardian will be notified.
  10. The student/parents requesting transfer shall agree to abide by the policies of the board of school trustees, the administrative guidelines of the corporation and the rules and regulations of the school they attend.
  11. MSD of Shakamak will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicapping condition, including limited English proficiency, in its educational programs or employment policies as required by state and federal laws.

Transfer Enrollment Application

Download the Transfer Enrollment Application. (pdf)